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Venice, Italy

One word, Extraordinary!

One of the great things about living in London is its proximity to continental Europe. Most destinations are about 2 hours away – and Venice is one of those.

Be prepared to walk, there is no “Uber”. But… there are water taxis.  More on that later.

First, you are struck by both the beauty and the grandeur of the Grand Canal.  Venice is located in the Venetian Lagoon which is World Heritage designated. 

It takes you to a different space and time.  Within 20 minutes walk of each other is the Rialto Bridge (12th Century) and Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square). The square has the old European feel – with bands playing all around the square – stunning, beautiful and relaxing. 

And food?  Amazing.  We had a simple lunch sitting by the canal.  Bread, Olive Oil, Ravioli.  Out of this world.  So simple – but so elegant, and so delicious!

And if you like to shop, all of the major designers have shops here.

It is quite simply, a unique, beautiful relaxing experience.  No cars, no buses, just an old world charm that we hope is never forgotten and always preserved for generations to come.

Now, on to the practical things…

The Practical Things

There are no taxis in Venice.  Well… not quite true, there are Water Taxis.  These are incredibly useful to get around – especially if you want to get from one side of the Grand Canal to the other.

They are inexpensive and day passes are available.  You can even take one all the way to the Airport!  Generally though, walk.  The streets can be quite crowded since they are very narrow, but hey, you’re on holiday, take your time.

Restaurants are of course plentiful and reasonably priced if you stay away from St. Mark’s square.  We found that very expensive.  Beautiful, but expensive.  £8-£11 for tea? 

One thing of note is that our Hotel – which I think might be typical – did not have a working thermostat.  The hotel was set to one temperature and depending on the majority of guests was either Air Conditioned, or not.  We were there in April, and the A/C was on. It was cold at night.

In summer of course, it will be fine.  But watch out out for Spring/Autumn.


There’s plenty of shopping in Venice.  All the major designers are here.  But you also find many ‘local’ shops that sell fantastic things and their typical tourist type items are extremely good.

St Mark’s Square

According to Wikipedia, construction started here around 800AD. The square itself is huge.  Bands play all around the square making it romantic.  But remember, it’s pricey.

Rialto Bridge

Another must see in Venice (it’s close to St. Mark’s square).  It’s the oldest bridge in Venice – 12th Century

You must visit Rialto Bridge at nighttime.


Gondola’s are everywhere! 

We didn’t take one but of course, many do. Sit back relax and enjoy a quiet time through the canals.

The “Gondoliers” are skillful at maneuvering through the narrow canals.

Don’t be surprised to see ‘traffic jams’ of Gondola’s though!

In Summary…

Highly recommended! Just for the food alone! 

But seriously, enjoying an old European charm is priceless. No cars, no buses – you quickly become accustomed to this – and it’s nice!

Remember to take good shoes for walking and take advantage of the Water Taxis.

If you do go to Venice, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

We did!

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