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An Interview with Odette Young

Congratulations on the success of Odette`s Magazine.

Your magazine cover is beautiful. What inspired you to start a Beauty Magazine?

Thank you.

This was a passing thought that came to me suddenly. I tried many times to push the idea out of my mind, but it never left my heart.

I told my Husband I am going to create a beauty magazine and he was on board. I have been on social media for a very long time.

I don’t have a massive following. I have a YouTube channel, I do makeup fashion and skincare videos.

There are so many things I want to share with my audience. I cannot do it all in my videos. I do work fulltime and sometimes it’s not possible record and upload a video. I thought why not create a beauty magazine and share as much as possible.

Is this your first business venture?

Yes, it is my first.

Were you nervous of scared to do this?

No, of course not. I knew I had the confidence to do this and be very successful. No point starting a business with fear and doubt.

I don’t think we are built to do just one thing. We can be successful at anything in life if we show up work hard and put our minds to it.

How was the creative process for you?

Not hard at all, because of my YouTube channel and my other social media platform, I learned a lot about being creative. I am the content of my platform so it was very easy.

You are over 50, you do have great skin. What’s your secret?

First of all My Mom has really good skin. Hence my good genes.

This started when I was very young. I realize my skin is oily. Back then I did not know much about makeup and skincare. I was doing it all wrong.

I was wearing the wrong foundation along with everything else, some of which were alcohol based. I started doing lots of product research to see what suitable form is my skin. I developed a great skincare regime that I stuck to. I changed a few things along the way and as I got older.

Some of my best in beauty and skin care products are listed in Odette`s Magazine.

Do you have a lot of makeup in your collection?

As a makeup lover and enthusiast I do, but I tend to declutter as much as possible.

Will you continue to produce content for your YouTube channel?

Yes, of course. I will continue to upload twice a week, however it depends on my meetings schedules and conference calls with business owners and brands.

What’s your best skincare tip for autumn?

It all depends on your skin type and need. A cleanser that is non-alcohol base e.g. Simple kind to skin, it’s a great line of skin care.

Face steamer twice a month, Derma wand is also a great tool for face stimulation and a night time oil free moisturizer.

Your magazine just launched for autumn. Is this your favourite time of the year?

It is my favourite season. There is something so special about the time of year. The atmosphere feels delightful. The coolness in the air, fallen leaves, jumper’s leggings scarves, relaxing indoor cosy moments, it’s just a feel good time of year.

There is the hint of Christmas right around the corner. It’s just wonderful.

Where do you shop for autumn fashions?

River Island, H&M Debenhams Mark and Spencer, I will pick up a few things from John Lewis and other random stores.

Do you travel much in the autumn season?

No, not really. We went to Belgium about a year and a half ago. We had a fantastic time.

Is this fun for you, being so creative with your ideas and content for Odette`s Magazine?

Yes, I absolutely love every moment of it. This is a side of me I never knew existed. It is so much fun coming up with ideas and content for my magazine. It’s wonderful.

What advice would you give to someone wanted to start a business?

I would say go with your heart. Stay positive, if this is something that feels right for you go for it. Take your time write everything down, do your research and just START!

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